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Your Wedding Will Need More Than Just Invitations

When planning a wedding, many brides to be realize that they will have to pick out a very special wedding invitation design, but many fail to realize that there are many other types of wedding cards that they may need to purchase as well. Some of these cards and invitations include:

· Bridal Shower Invitations
· Save the Date Cards or Magnets
· Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
· Engagement Party Invitations
· Thank You Cards
· Menu Cards
· Direction Cards
· Place Cards

Although it may not be necessary to purchase every one of these different types of cards, the chances are that you will need at least a couple of these in addition to your wedding invitations.

Bridal Shower Invitations

If you plan to have a bridal shower, which most brides to be do, you will need to first choose bridal shower invitations. These cards can be funny and whimsical or serious and romantic. It is really up to you depending on what kind of bridal shower you wish to have. Just remember that it is bad etiquette to invite someone to your bridal shower that won’t be invited to your wedding. At the same time, you are not expected to invite everyone that you are inviting to your wedding either. Choose your closest friends and family members and you will be certain to have a great party.

Save the Date Cards or Magnets

Save the date cards or magnets are simply reminder cards that say when you and your fiancé plan to get married. These are sent out well before the actual invitations are traditionally sent off. It isn’t absolutely necessary to purchase save the date cards or magnets, but it is a courteous gesture that you can make to your guests. This is particularly helpful in today’s busy society when most people are juggling kids, a job, a spouse, and so many other things all at the same time. By giving your guest a heads up, you help guarantee that you will have a good outcome for your special day.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

So far as etiquette is concerned, you are not obligated to send out rehearsal dinner invitations. If you are trying to have a very formal wedding, however, these are a nice touch. In addition, they make for nice keepsakes for the members of your wedding party.

Engagement Party Invitations

After getting engaged, you and your fiancé may choose to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with an engagement party. Engagement parties are not a time for you to receive gifts. Rather, it is a time for you to simply celebrate your love and your exciting news with those that you are closest to.

Thank You Cards

You will likely find yourself purchasing thank you cards a couple of times before the entire celebration is through. You should send thank you cards to those that attend your bridal shower as well as to those that attend your wedding. It can also be a nice idea to send special thank you cards to the members of your wedding party and to those that helped make it happen, such as to the caterer, the photographer, the officiant, and others.

Menu Cards

Depending on how formal you want your wedding to be, you might choose to also have menu cards printed up. With menu cards resting at the seats of your guests, they can look ahead to see what they will be eating at your reception. Or, if you choose to give your guests choices with a formal, sit down meal, you can have them check off their choice on these cards.

Direction Cards

There is nothing worse than having your guests get lost on their way to your big day. With direction cards included in your wedding invitation, they will be sure to know exactly where to go. Again, these are not a requirement according to etiquette, but it sure is a nice gesture and it will help avoid confusion later.

Place Cards

Place cards can be used to seat your guests at specific locations. This is a great touch for a more formal wedding. Or, if you have some friends or relatives that have a difficult time being in a room together, place cards can help make sure they do not get stuck sitting by one another.