Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Affordable Wedding Anniversary Invitations. Choose from modern and traditional designs. Cards with photos or without.

Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25
Anniversary Invitation: Champagne Florals Invitation
Champagne Florals Invitation designed by Flower and Vine
$173.00 per 100
Anniversary Invitation: Medallion Damask Aqua & Gold Invitation
Medallion Damask Aqua & Gold Invitation designed by Sweet Pea Designs
$156.00 per 100
Anniversary Invitation: Silver Shimmer Tiffany
A monogram is at the top of this silver shimmer invitation.
$247.00 per 100
Anniversary Invitation: Celebrate Round Invitation
Celebrate Round Invitation designed by Little Lamb Design
$160.00 per 100
Anniversary Invitation: Fun Photo Invitation
Fun Photo Invitation designed by Little Lamb Design
$175.00 per 100

What to Include on Your Wedding Anniversary Party Invitation

Are you planning to throw a special party to celebrate your wedding anniversary? If so, there are several pieces of information you need to be certain to include in your invitation. These items include:

  • Who is hosting the event
  • Where the event is being held
  • Why you are having a celebration
  • When the celebration is taking place
  • How to reply to the invitation
  • What special items to guests need to bring or any other special instructions (if applicable)

Your anniversary invitation can be kept simple and may consist of nothing more than a postcard, or it can be sent in a more formal, folded invitation. Either way, the invitation should express the theme of the celebration so your guests know just what kind of celebration to expect.