Cheap Wedding Invitations

On a budget? Choose from the many wedding invitations priced under $150 per 100. These invitations may be cheap in price, but not in quality.

Choose from an affordable and cute flower design, a simple monogrammed card, a traditional panel ecru card, an elegant bordered invitation, etc.

You may want to view our simple wedding invitations for more affordable choices.

Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25

Affordable Wedding Invitations From Invitations 'n Cards

Brides and grooms are well aware that weddings are very expensive. The photographer, the venue, the dress, all these cost a fortune, so it's nice being able to save some money on the wedding invitations.

Why spend over one thousand dollars, if you can get affordable wedding invitations for around $100 per 100 count. These invitations may be affordable, but they are not "cheap" in quality.

Our invitations are printed in heavy cardstock and are not flimsy.