Embossed Wedding Invitations

Our embossed wedding invitations are imprinted with pressed patterns and raised imagery, providing a rich, textured look and feel for your special day. Choose from floral motifs, intricate patterns, and other elegant embossed designs to add warmth and sophistication to your wedding stationery.

We know how important your wedding invitations are in conveying the tone of your wedding for guests. Our elegant embossed invitations will create lasting memories and impressions before the event even begins.

Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25
Embossed wedding invitation: Hanging Wisteria Invitation
Understated and undeniably romantic. Delicate wisteria blossoms, beautifully embossed in pearl foil, decorate the front of this romantic folding wedding invitation.
$273.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Decorative Lace Invitation
A floral pattern embossed onto shimmering paper is enhanced with delicate laser cutting to create lacy edges above and below the wording on this classic, romantic and unforgettable wedding invitation.
$343.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Delightful Floral Invitation
Guests will feel every detail of this deeply embossed wedding invitation. The sketched floral design appears shaded, enhancing the dimensional effect of the featured embossing.
$331.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Succulent Watercolor Invitation
Each element of this folding wedding invitation blends with the next to create a harmonious whole. The contours of the watercolor greenery design are expertly embossed, adding subtle depth to the front of the card and creating a lovely debossed floral pattern on its back.
$273.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Jeweled Devotion Invitation
Eye-catching and unique, the top of this fashion forward wedding invitation curves into a arch and folds down to conceal the invitation wording while revealing the initials of the bride and groom. The flap is embossed with a pearl-like design that resembles bubbles in a champagne glass
$273.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Framed in Sunflowers Invitation
Every element of this wedding invitation adds to its timeless charm. The couple's wording, enclosed in an oval frame decorated with embossed sunflowers and trimmed with pearl foil, evokes a nostalgic feel that will appeal to romantic couples.
$291.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Ornate Flourish Invitation
Ornate flourishes embossed with floral accents create a lavish frame around the couple's wedding wording on this luxe laser cut wedding invitation. Upgrade from thermography to foil when personalizing for extra shine!
$318.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Arching Filigree Invitation
Arch-shaped wedding stationery is on-trend and eye-catching, and the architectural flourishes embossed into the top and bottom of this shimmer paper wedding invitation give it classic style.
$291.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Floral Arch Invitation
A floral design embossed in rose gold foil is the perfect accent to the on-trend arch-shape of this very pretty wedding invitation.
$273.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Chichi Invitation
Create an elaborate presentation of the wedding details with this pocket wedding invitation featuring laser cut flourishes with embossed details all wrapped up in the couple's choice of pocket color.
$676.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Enclosed in Lace Invitation
The smallest details of this show-stopping wrap are laser-cut to replicate the look of delicate lace and embossed for added texture. A separate insert, printed with the wedding details, adds a layered look. An ecru satin ribbon secures the gold shimmer wrap to complete the ensemble.
$679.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Fresh Damask Invitation
Laser-cutting creates a vintage finish which is a perfect fit for the antique look of this stunning wedding invitation. The details of the lacy damask pattern that borders this elegant invitation are embossed in pearl foil. The space between the blossoms has been cut away for an airy and elegant look.
$318.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Tiered Elegance Invitation
An embossed three-tiered border and die-cut corners give this wedding invitation an architectural feel. The wedding details feature a classic layout that emphasizes the invitation's elegant look.
$331.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Floral Bouquet Invitation
Subtle and glamorous. A bridal bouquet embossed in matte white foil contrasts beautifully with the shimmer paper of this elegant and understated wedding invitation.
$255.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Butterfly Embrace Invitation
Your wording on this butterfly themed Quinceañera invitation is bordered by flowering greenery delicately embossed and highlighted with pearl foil accents. This elegant z-fold invitation has plenty of room for wording in Spanish and English. El texto de esta invitación de Quinceañera con el tema de mariposas está bordeado por vegetación floreciente delicadamente grabada y resaltada con detalles en relieve y reflejos metálicos perlados. Esta elegante invitación plegada en Z-doblez tiene mucho espacio para el texto en español e inglés.
$285.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Lace Elegance Invitation
Elegant die-cut edges follow the curves of a beautiful floral design delicately embossed with pearl foil. They hint at the luxury that lies within, where the same embossed design decorates an inner pocket. Wedding details are presented on an insert, enhancing this ecru pocket wedding invitation's sophisticated layered look.
$609.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Bohemian Wedding Arch Invitation
A dramatically different invitation perfect for free spirits. An ornate arch embossed onto brown kraft paper and wedding details printed in white ink give this stunning wedding invitation a bohemian look and an earthy vibe.
$273.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Everlasting Love Invitation
Expert craftsmanship turns this sophisticated panel invitation into a minimalist delight. Rounded corners soften the edges of this stately wedding invitation, and a deeply embossed frame follows its curves to create a striking double border around the wedding details.
$331.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Floral Pastel Invitation
Take your guest's breath away with this romantic gatefold wedding invitation featuring a delicate floral design embossed in soft pastel colors onto shimmering paper that opens to reveal your wording.
$361.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Soft Embrace Invitation
The warm grey background of the petite floral design embossed on luxurious ecru paper adds a sophisticated touch to this finely-crafted wedding invitation. The asymmetrical wrap features curved edges that conceal a separate card presenting the wedding details inside a delicate dot-embossed border. A sheer ribbon closure completes this impressive ensemble.
$573.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Mini Florals Invitation
A gracefully embossed frame surrounds the wedding details on invitations featuring a delicate mini-floral pattern.
$273.90 per 100
Embossed wedding invitation: Lovely Dedication
Ribbon trim peeks out from behind a cross centered in a delicately embossed frame on a lovely tri-fold invitation, which will bring friends and family together for your baby's christening.
$186.90 per 100