Foil Pressed Wedding Invitations

Design a glistening and shining foil press wedding invitation that will impress your guests and let your personality shine through. Choose from foils in gold, silver, copper, rose gold.

Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25
foil press invitation: Stylishly Delicate Invitation
Capture wedding guests' attention with an invitation that delights the eye and begs to be touched. The intricate floral motif, delicately laser-cut into an ecru shimmer wrap, invites guests to unveil the insert card concealed inside.
$579.90 per 100
foil press invitation: Interlaced Swirls Invitation
The fusion of classic and modern design on this wedding invitation promises a stylish celebration of love. A timeless typography design places the bride and groom's names front and center, then beautifully frames the wedding details with Art Deco inspired swirls.
$156.90 per 100
foil press invitation: Blooming Flowers
Blooming flowers in gleaming foil accent your wording beautifully on this gorgeous wedding invitation.
$256.90 per 100

Elegant Foil Wedding Invitations by Invitations 'n Cards

Design a glistening foil press wedding invitation that will impress your guests.

For many centuries, gold foil has been used to adorn all kinds of important documents - treaties, religious scripts, etc.

Create an invitation that is both elegant and striking, and at the same time, let your personality shine through it.