Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Choose from wedding invitations with laser-cut hearts, flowers, lace, leaves, trees, roses, plus many more intricate and elegant shapes. Laser-cut invitations are beautiful and have a very elegant look.

Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25
laser cut invitation: Fresh Damask Invitation
Laser-cutting creates a vintage finish which is a perfect fit for the antique look of this stunning wedding invitation. The details of the lacy damask pattern that borders this elegant invitation are embossed in pearl foil. The space between the blossoms has been cut away for an airy and elegant look.
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Chichi Invitation
Create an elaborate presentation of the wedding details with this pocket wedding invitation featuring laser cut flourishes with embossed details all wrapped up in the couple's choice of pocket color.
$676.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Rose Bouquet Invitation
A bouquet of roses has been laser cut into this romantic wedding invitation, which opens to reveal the couple's wedding wording.
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Decorative Lace Invitation
A floral pattern embossed onto shimmering paper is enhanced with delicate laser cutting to create lacy edges above and below the wording on this classic, romantic and unforgettable wedding invitation.
$343.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Courtly Flourish Invitation
Lavish flourishes are laser cut above and below your wording on this deluxe wedding invitation and finished with intricately embossed accents. The invitation is placed inside a pocket for an ultra elegant presentation.
$676.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Loving Lattice Invitation
A beautiful laser cut lattice design frames your names and wording on this lovely wedding invitation!
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Fresh Greenery Invitation
The laser-cut leaves add luxurious detail and contrast beautifully with the sculpted look of the pearl foil embossing on this elegant wedding invitation.
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Ornate Flourish Invitation
Ornate flourishes embossed with floral accents create a lavish frame around the couple's wedding wording on this luxe laser cut wedding invitation. Upgrade from thermography to foil when personalizing for extra shine!
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Celestial Flair Invitation
The celestial flair of this wedding invitation appears as a field of stars laser cut into the front of the card. The pattern gradually increases in complexity until it ends in an intricate border.
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Delightful Leaves Invitation
A gold shimmer pocket featuring delightful laser cut leaves decorates your wedding invitation in style!
$839.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Intricate Greenery Invitation
An intricate, laser cut greenery design decorates this beautiful wedding invitation and highlights your wedding wording.
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Lasered Foliage Invitation
Here's a perfect wedding invitation for couples looking to express their unique style! A laser cut design with gray leaves frames your wedding details on shimmering paper featuring a textured finish.
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Enclosed in Lace Invitation
Enclosed in a dramatic presentation of lace and flourishes, this wedding invitation with black laser cut wrap demands attention. The smallest of details are laser cut with precision and embossed for added texture, while a black satin ribbon completes the look.
$679.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Intersecting Arches Invitation
Arching lines embossed into shimmer paper of this stunning wedding invitation intersect to create a pointed arch. At the top of the arch, the areas where the lines cross have been laser cut to create a beautiful lattice that echoes the beauty of a leaded glass window.
$343.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Lasered Boho Invitation
The intricate pattern of a mandala, laser cut into shimmer paper, crowns this stunning wedding invitation. The regal design will impress your wedding guests and set the tone for a lavish ceremony and reception.
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Luxurious Blooms Invitation
A luxurious ecru shimmer laser wrap encloses your beautiful wedding invitation! Your guests will admire your blooming style.
$679.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Fine Floral Invitation
A delicate laser-cut design shapes one corner of this shimmer paper wedding invitation into an intricate floral pattern featuring a pair of gorgeous peonies. The romantic allure of the blooms makes this luxurious invitation an enchanting choice for couples that want to make a statement.
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Filigree Swirls Invitation
Elegant embossing and laser cut perfection create a gorgeous wedding invitation that will take your breath away!
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Rosy Elegance Invitation
An intricate rose pattern, laser cut from shimmer paper, makes this wedding invitation a real showstopper!
$318.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Captivating Edge Invitation
A new way to incorporate the beauty of flowers into your wedding celebration! This laser cut wedding invitation features an intricate border of garden flowers cut with tremendous precision.
$426.90 per 100
laser cut invitation: Modern Wonder Invitation
Send wedding invitations to guests that are breathtaking! This card features a unique and beautiful laser-cut and embossed design to match your style.
$318.90 per 100