Quinceañera Invitations

We believe a Quince girl's invitation should be as unique and special as she is. Our elegant designs are created to reflect her style, showcase her personality, and set the tone for this momentous celebration.

We offer the latest trends in Quinceañera invitations to fit any theme or budget. From formal foil-pressed invitations with floral embellishments to custom photo invitations featuring the birthday girl herself, our collection of Quince Años invites is filled with eye-catching options to impress your guests. We also provide coordinating envelopes, response cards, and thank you notes.

Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25
Quinceañera Invitation: Dotted Jubilee Invitation
Get ready to celebrate with this gorgeous, personalized Quinceañera invitation featuring a full photo with name and confetti accents on one side and matching confetti accents around the party details on the other side. Prepárate para celebrar con esta magnífica invitación personalizada de Quinceañera que incluye una foto completa con el nombre y detalles de confeti en un lado y detalles de confeti alrededor de los detalles de la fiesta en el reverso.
$220.90 per 100

Planning a Beautiful Quinceaños Celebration

Is your little girl turning 15 soon? If so, you may be planning to host a Quinceaños celebration in her honor. The Quinceaños celebration is one that is held in very high regard in many Latin cultures, particularly in Mexico, and symbolizes the transition from being a girl to becoming a young woman. Therefore, you want to be certain you plan a day that will be truly special and memorable for your Quinceañera.

There are many traditions that are included in a Quinceaños celebration. One of these traditions is the Changing of the Shoes, which involves starting the ceremony with the Quinceañera wearing flat shoes and then receiving high heeled shoes during the celebration and changing into them for the remainder of the event.

There are also many other gifts that are traditionally given to the Quinceañera during the event. These include:

  • Bible or prayer book with rosary
  • Bracelet or ring
  • Cross or medal
  • Scepter
  • Tiara

When picking out invitations for your Quinceaños celebration, be certain to allow the young Quinceañera to assist with the process. This way, you will be certain to select an invitation that reflects her personal tastes as well as the type of celebration you plan to host. If you wish to place an emphasis on religion, for example, you would select an invitation with a bible verse or one that contains religious symbols.

If you want the focus to be placed more on the guest of honor, on the other hand, you might select an invitation that allows you to include a photograph of the young celebrant or one that focuses on the transition from being a child to a young woman.

Here are some of the latest trends for modern Quinceañera invitations:

  • Digital invitations are becoming more popular. These can be designed and customized through online invitation websites and emailed to guests. They provide flexibility and convenience.
  • Photo invitations featuring the birthday girl are a popular option. The invitations incorporate a professional photo of the Quince girl in her dress or other meaningful imagery.
  • Classic formal invites with foil printing, lace accents, ribbons, and bright colors are still used to convey the formality of the event. These often have details like the quince girl's name and event date in a formal script font.
  • Invitations may incorporate themes like the girl's hobbies or interests, such as dance, nature, jewelry, etc. The decorations and wording reflect this theme.
  • Handmade invitations with intricate details like beads, glitter, flowers and more can add a personalized, crafty touch.
  • Lots of color, metallic accents, patterns, and layered embellishments are on-trend for modern Quince invites.
Browse our many choices of Quinceañera invitations to find the one that suits your style.

What is the difference between engraved and letterpress invitations?

There are a few key differences between engraved and letterpress wedding invitations:

  • Engraved invitations involve etching words and designs into a metal plate, then printing from that plate. This creates an elegant, depressed impression in the paper with crisp fine lines. Engraved invitations are more formal and traditional.
  • Letterpress invitations involve printing from raised typeset letters arranged into text on a letterpress. The physical impression of the type into the paper creates a debossed texture. Letterpress can range from formal to more casual styling.
  • Engraved invitations typically only have one color, usually black. The engraving itself creates the contrast on the page. Letterpress invitations can be printed in multiple colors.
  • Engraved invitations are usually more expensive, as the engraved plates take more time and skill to create. Letterpress is more affordable for most budgets.
  • The engraving process usually takes more time, so engraved invitations should be ordered further in advance. Letterpress invitations have a quicker turnaround time.
  • Engraved invitations have an elegant, classic style that lend themselves well to black-tie formal weddings. Letterpress can work for formal or more casual weddings depending on the design.

So in summary, engraved invitations involve an intaglio printing process that creates formal, monochromatic invitations perfect for very traditional weddings. Letterpress uses raised type to imprint texture and color for a wider range of formality and budget.