Wedding Invitations With Borders

Choose an affordable and elegant border wedding invitation. Available borders: Gold, silver, pearl, foil, embossed, flourish, laser cut.

Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25
Border invitation: Bouquet Border Foil Pressed Invitation
Bouquet Border Foil Pressed Invitation designed by Stacy Claire Boyd
$229.00 per 100
Border invitation: Delicate Dot Border Invitation
A wedding invitation with clean lines and finite details presents the couple's wedding wording with class and beauty.
$255.90 per 100
Border invitation: Sophisticated Pearl Border
A deep pearl border frames this white card.
$279.00 per 100
Border invitation: Swirl Border
This ecru invitation is decorated with a swirl pattern that borders all the way around the card in the ink color of your choice.
$89.00 per 25
Border invitation: Pearl Poetry
A double pearl border is on this crisp white invitation.
$201.90 per 100
Border invitation: Sophisticated Style
Show off your sophisticated style with this ecru seal 'n send with black border.
$177.90 per 100
Border invitation: Timeless Flourish
Your romance is timeless, send an invitation that is too. Wedding information is displayed with a beautiful flourish border. Add a backer and pocket to complete the look.
$369.90 per 100
Border invitation: Fancy That
Can't get enough lace? Then this laser-cut wedding invitation with a lacy border will strike your fancy. The gold shimmer paper adds to the romance.
$329.90 per 100
Border invitation: Brilliant Border on Black Foil-Pressed Invitation
Brilliant Border on Black Foil-Pressed Invitation designed by Little Lamb Design
$208.00 per 100
Border invitation: Intricate Panel Ecru
A royal ecru invitation with two pearl borders and a textured triple panel between them.
$222.00 per 100
Border invitation: Traditional Border
This invitation card features classic embossed border that surrounds your wording. Add your initial for a personalized touch!
$99.90 per 100
Border invitation: Elegant Borders
Elegant borders highlight your wording on this modern pocket wedding invitation. Your guests will admire your style with this card.
$319.90 per 100
Border invitation: Silver Border Elegance
This bright white invitation features a sparkly, iridescent silver border. When the light shines on the invitation, the silver border reflects the light to look magical.
$217.90 per 100
Border invitation: A Royal Frame
This white card is featured with a think pearlized border and your monogram printed at the top.
$222.00 per 100
Border invitation: Fine Romance
An ecru marquis style invitation with an inner border of embossed dots that surrounds your wording.
$171.90 per 100
Border invitation: Notable Border Invitation
Contemporary floral artwork is captivating when blind embossed around the outer edge of this wedding invitation.
$255.90 per 100
Border invitation: Damask Banner
Frame that new last name initial with a flourish! Choose the colors for your wording and the damask border, and this white, monogram wedding invitation is a statement of your great style.
$116.90 per 100
Border invitation: Wrapped in Gold
This shimmering, white base card features a thin border with filigree designs on each side. The base card is wrapped up with a shimmering, gold pocket and sealed with a round, blank clear seal.
$265.90 per 100
Border invitation: Vintage Ecru
A vintage pearlized border makes this Royal 100% Cotton invitation, pure bliss.
$362.90 per 100
Border invitation: Endless Border Invitation
A gorgeous gold border border frames this wedding invitation and gives the illusion of being endless!
$253.90 per 100
Border invitation: Pearlized Filigree Border
This bright white card is shown with pearlized filigree at the top and bottom.
$185.90 per 100
Border invitation: Royalty
This invitation is unique yet classic with its square card and foil accents and border. It will have you feeling like royalty for your big day!
$750.00 per 100
Border invitation: Silver Love
A stunning silver foil filigree design borders this bright white invitation.
$195.90 per 100
Border invitation: Pearl Deckle
The shimmering, pearl deckled edge adds flair to this ecru invitation. The simple detail is stunning and will be admired by all your friends and family!
$241.40 per 100
Border invitation: Pearl of Passion
A pearl border surrounds your wording on this rich ecru textured invitation.
$201.90 per 100
Border invitation: Loving Embrace
Share a loving embrace with this invitation. The two color border makes this card a great catch. Complete your look with a pocket and backer.
$369.90 per 100
Border invitation: White Lace
Love cascades upon this bright white invitation. The pearlized border enhances the invitation's beautiful size.
$195.90 per 100
Border invitation: Shimmering Border
A sharp border frames your wording beautifully on this shimmering wedding invitation.
$201.90 per 100

Available features of Wedding Invitations With Borders: Embossed border, gold border, silver border, foil border, flourish border, pearlized border, black border, intricate border, swirled border.